Addictive Behaviors: alcohol and/or drug abuse, sexual compulsion, workaholism, gambling, co-dependence.

Emotional Problems: grief, depression, excessive anger or jealousy, anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

Relationship Problems: difficulty finding and/or maintaining a helathy relationship; history of unhealthy or abusive relationships; difficulties in getting along with friends, co-workers or partners; divorce or separation.

Stress: major life transitions, job "burnout", general life overload.

Low Self-Esteem: feelings of insecurity; shyness; worthlessness, or unhappiness with physical apprearance.

Eating Disorders: episodes of binging and purging; compulsive overeating; withholding food.

Depression: depressed mood; loss of pleasure in normally pleasurable activities; trouble sleeping; lack of motivation; inability to concentrate; negative thinking.

Sexual Abuse: childhood sexual abuse, rape, date-rape, sexual harrassment.

Trauma: current or childhood physical, emotional or psychological abuse; victim of crime; accident victims.


Individual counseling helps you gain insight into the cause of your problems and seek positive alternatives.

Couples counseling provides an arena where two people can learn to communicate individual needs and negotiate a healthy partnership.

Family counseling helps family members gain an understanding of disruptive problems. Improved communication skills provide new ways to reach solutions that lead to greater family harmony.

Groups led by a therapist provide you with an opportunity to openly discuss your problems in a supportive environment. The group setting enables you to learn from the experience of others and breaks the isolation of dealing with your issues alone.

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